If you like to make music posts on social networks, you’ll need great music hashtags.


Use the most popular music hashtags in Tags App for iPhone and iPad and/or Tags Pro for iPhone and iPad.

To get the list of the best music industry hashtags and to use (copy/paste) them do the following:

1.download Tags app or Tags Pro App for iPhone , iPad on the App Store : Download Tags App , Download Tags Pro

2. Open the app and tap Popular Tags category

3. Find Music subcategory and tap it. You will find more than 45 music hashtags for instagram inside. You can copy and paste them to instagram fast with Tags App and Tags Pro.

Music Hashtags

Music Hashtags

4. Select hashtags and copy/paste them to instagram or another networks.

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If you want to choose out of 18 music subcategories with more than 30 in each do the following:

Download and open Tags Pro app : Tags Pro

Open Music category from the main menu. Inside you will find: Top, Trap, EDM, DJ, Pop, Remix, Vinyl, Studio, House, Hip Hop… and many more subcategories of hashtags.


Music Hashtags for Instagram

Music Hashtags for Instagram

Download  Tags Pro for full functionality and to unlock all categories of hashtags.