If you need support for Tags App or Tags Pro App, please mail us at info@tags-app.net

1. How to paste tags?
— Tap and press “Copy Tags” button or tap and press copy to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook in the pop up. After that inside instagram, twitter, facebook, etc press “Paste”.

2. How to request category or new tag?
— Inside the app press “Request Category” or “Request New Tags” button.

3. I get a “too many tags” error on Instagram?
— Instagram allows maximum 30 tags per one picture. Delete all other tags on your picture before pasting tags.

4. I’m not getting likes?
— Make sure your account is public when using tags. People can’t see your pictures if your account is private.

5. How to upgrade to Tags Pro and get premium features?
– Inside the app press “Get Pro”.

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